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Systematically helping you sort through items in any area of your home with support, compassion and no judgement.

From kitchens and bedrooms to lofts and garages and everything in between.

With encouragement, I will help you decide what to donate, discard or sell, to create space and calm in your home. 

Organised Living with Nicola Decluttering
Organised Living with Nicola Organising


Once your home is decluttered, I will put systems in place to help organise and maximise your space. The systems will suit you and your lifestyle and will be sustainable to enable you to maintain your space.

I will advise on the best storage solutions, be this buying new at a price that suits your budget, or utilising existing storage.

Moving Home

Moving home can be stressful. Let me make your move as stress free as possible with my decluttering and unpacking service. 

I will help you declutter your home prior to your move and unpack your boxes on arrival at your new home. I will meticulously organise the contents around your home enabling you to relax and enjoy your new home from day one.

Organised Living with Nicola Move

Pricing & Packages

My fees are £40 per hour with a 3-hour minimum booking.

Half-Day Package: 3 hour session | £110

Full-Day Package: 6 hour session | £210

Please note: Travel within a 10 mile radius is complimentary. Outwith 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile.

I will take items for donation away with me and hand in to local charity shops, at no extra cost to you. This excludes bulky items such as furniture. I do not dispose of items for recycling.